If you missed it, I appeared on a recent episode of Animal Planet’s Monsters Inside Me.  I’ve had a bunch of questions from friends about the episode and my experience, so I’m posting some answers here.  (Plus, it’s a great venue for my philosophizing about my illness.)  I’ll continue to update this page if more questions roll in.


The Monsters Inside Me Episode

How can I watch it?

I am in Season 4, Episode 2: “There’s a Worm in My Eye.”  If you have Animal Planet, check here for the schedule.  We’ve discovered that this schedule changes a lot.  If you prefer to watch online, you can stream or download the episode from Amazon (affiliate link).


When did you film it?/What was filming like?

April 2013.  They flew me up to Lubbock and we spent a full day doing interviews – 4 hours of my mom, 3 hours with me, and 1 hour or so with Dr. Hannel.  They closed all the windows in my parents’ living room to give it that “mysterious” feel.  My dad and I did some acting, but it didn’t make the final show.  It was a neat experience (Animal Planet!), but it was kind of depressing recalling just how bad my illness was.