In honor of my dear mother, today we’re looking at repair of a broken bone.  Get well soon, Mama!  Hang in there, Daddy!

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor – just a bioengineer who happens to find pathophysiology fascinating.  If you find an error, please let me know!  Also, NONE of my drawings are to scale.

Today we turn to a common ailment: broken bones.  Because, as I learned, reading about how bones get fractured freaks me out1, we’ll jump in right after Jill has broken her arm.  Sorry we weren’t there to stop it, Jill.


Sorry, Jill.

Sorry, Jill.

Jill's broken elbow.

Jill’s broken elbow.


Steps to repairing this bone:

  1. as does any trauma to the eye.  I’m too empathetic!  If you want to see a post about injured eyes on Pathology Storybook, you’ll need to write it yourself. []